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Month: June 2014

Backlog Grooming

Whilst not a generally accepted scrum principle (excellent article from Mike Cohn in my experience as a Scrum Master i have found that Backlog Grooming (or Backlog refinement as it is often called) is a hugely important exercise for a Scrum team.

As Mike Cohn states in the post above the backlog grooming meeting isn’t part of the core Scrum rules nor is it a Generally Accepted Scrum Practice (GASP) but more and more teams are adopting this.

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What is the best day to start a sprint?

Like with many answers to questions relating to Scrum the answer is “there is no right answer”. Numerous factors can dictate what is best for a team but this will change from team to team.

In my personal experience I’ve found that starting on a Wednesday is best. Why? Well first of all being based in the UK there are a few bank holidays on Monday through the year and I find that starting on a Monday and having to shift quite a few around is far from ideal. I’ve also found that devs (and humans in general!) don’t like Monday mornings and sprint planning is a vital part of the SCRUM process and have found that not having team members fully engaged (regardless of the date and time you do it) is a recipe for a sprint to not succeed.

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