Like with many answers to questions relating to Scrum the answer is “there is no right answer”. Numerous factors can dictate what is best for a team but this will change from team to team.

In my personal experience I’ve found that starting on a Wednesday is best. Why? Well first of all being based in the UK there are a few bank holidays on Monday through the year and I find that starting on a Monday and having to shift quite a few around is far from ideal. I’ve also found that devs (and humans in general!) don’t like Monday mornings and sprint planning is a vital part of the SCRUM process and have found that not having team members fully engaged (regardless of the date and time you do it) is a recipe for a sprint to not succeed.

The team I am currently working with have the previous Sprint Retrospective and Sprint Planning on a Wednesday morning with the demo of the sprint being late on the Tuesday afternoon. We’ve found this works well especially compared to when we were going Monday-Friday over the course of two weeks.

This topic was recently discussed on the Scrum Alliance Linked In group and the responses were varied and I can only re-iterate what I said at the beginning of this post. Do what ever is right for your team and what works for you. Scrum isn’t a “one size fits all” methodology and there is huge scope to try different things, inspect their impact and adapt your working practices accordingly.

What have you guys found works best for you?