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Month: November 2014

Kanban vs Scrum: When is it best to use which approach?

Recently I have been working on a project for a new client delivering replacement digital processes for their paper based predecessors. Due to the nature of the work I am unable to provide specifics about the projects but can divulge the approach the team has used to achieve this work.

On day one of my assignment the team and myself were cobbled together and asked to finish off the project which was started six months ago or so. The project has been dormant whilst a third party went away and developed their part of the system in an waterfall way (perhaps i’ll save that experience for another blog!). Whilst a backlog existed it hadn’t been refined for around six months and contained some items that were done, some that weren’t required and was missing a lot of stories that we had to do.

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Book review: Scrum by Dr Jeff Sutherland

I’ve recently purchased and read Scrum by Jeff Sutherland and wanted to let you al know my thoughts.

First of all Jeff Sutherland along with Ken Schwaber invented Scrum back in the early 90’s making them the Scrum Gods and Jesus all rolled into one. Since then they have spread Scrum through various companies and organisations like Scrum Inc and involvement with others such as the Scrum Alliance. There are many people out there who are prepared to give you an opinion on Scrum (after all you are reading my own blog dedicated to my experiences with Scrum) but getting insights from one of the creators is invaluable. The insights gained from those first few sprints, the realisation of needing roles such as a Scrum Masters and Product Owners to the experiences of implementing Scrum in failing, successful and companies anywhere in between are what make this book such a great read in my opinion.

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