Pineapples aren’t┬ásomething I am overly fond of, whether it be on their own or heaven forbid on a pizza! The latter being an age old debate that I have found to split near enough every team I have worked in. However, pineapples are something i find very useful when working with Scrum teams.

Recently the team I am scrum master of had some tasks that were identified retrospectively that should have been tackled sooner in the sprint to have allowed the team to swarm more effectively on the story. To remedy this I printed and laminated a series of pineapples and encouraged the team to use them to highlight anything that if we sit on for too long will hurt us.┬áSince introducing this the team are visualizing potential pain points and are being discussed more frequently, whenever these are present the team are now saying “who’s going to tackle the pineapple”. I find it a light hearted way to deal with an issue and helps the team self-organise around the tasks in their sprint. let me know in the comments if you have used anything similar.



I first read of this technique via LinkedIn from an ex-colleague a while back but cannot find the original source, if anyone reading this knows of this please let me know as i would like to credit them.