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Month: December 2016

A Christmas Carol – End of year retrospective

I have recently started working with a team that i haven’t worked with before and to get an insight into how they have operated previously, what have they achieved in the past year and what they hope to achieve in the new year i held a Christmas Carol Retrospective.

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Scrum master handovers

My main stream of work is as a contract scrum master which means i tend to spend varying amount of times with clients and teams. Most of these usually involve some kind of handover from or to a new scrum master at some point. In fact just this week I have started a handover with one of the teams I currently work with to a fellow scrum master who is a permie where my current contract is as i start to work with a brand new team. This got me thinking as to what does or doesn’t help when it comes to handovers and whether there are any areas I could improve on.

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