I have recently started working with a team that i haven’t worked with before and to get an insight into how they have operated previously, what have they achieved in the past year and what they hope to achieve in the new year i held a Christmas Carol Retrospective.

The inspiration was taken from David E Manske’s blog with a few changes. This is how the board looked at the start of the session


Here is how i facilitated the session

  • Prepare the board as above. I downloaded a free Christmas font to make the three headings “Christmas Past”, “Christmas Present” and “Christmas Future”
  • I introduced the format to the team and gave them 10 minutes to write down their thoughts in each area
    • Christmas Past – What did the team regret they did or didn’t do this year? What could they have changed? What were they really pleased with from the last 12 months?
    • Christmas Present – What do the team appreciate about how they work? What do they like about their team mates? Is there anything we really appreciate that one of our teammates does?
    •  Christmas Future – What do we want to achieve next year? What would we like to look back on this time next year and say we had achieved? What is our New Year Resolution for 2017?
  • After each area we grouped and discussed for 15 minutes each
  • At the end of the session rather than gathering actions we voted on the Christmas Future items to let the team’s PO know what the team felt were the important or most pressing items to tackle right after the team return from the Christmas/New Year break.
  • The items from the board were left up on the wall in the team area to allow them to see them when they return and be reminded of what they felt in the retro.

This will be my last blog before Christmas so for any readers out there, Merry Christmas! I hope to squeeze a blog in between Christmas and New Year so see you all then 🙂